從肉品的回溫解凍、蒸煮、烘焙...整個加工過程中,肉汁、纖維度的保存,溫度、乾溼度的掌控...皆有最嚴格及專業的品管,以生產出 嫩而不爛、咀嚼有味 的極品肉干。








Food U. Beef Jerky Specialist Shop of Food U. Foodstuff Corporation manufactures and sells more than 20 flavors of best quality goods of dried meat. We have owned the most specialized technique of manufacture, more than 50-year manufacture experience, advanced production equipments, and strict quality control.

Advanced and Specialized Technique of Manufacture

We have the most strict and specialized quality control over the procedures of manufacture, starting from defrosting, steam boiling, and drying of the meat to the entire processing processes, including the preservation of the meat gravy and fibrousness, and the control of the temperature and humidity. That is how the best quality goods of dried meat are produced, which taste soft and tender, chewy and tasty.

Quality Guarantee to Meat Source

The meat source of our beef jerky is provided by the authorized pasture in Australia, which only gives us the part that we designated. We only choose the chuck part of the cattle, each of which has only two chuck parts. It tastes more delicate and soft, and almost non-fat. All these imported beef conforms to the strict standards of the Personal Qualities Assessment (PQA) of the Australian Government.

Natural and Healthy Spices

We use only natural and top-grade spices, such as licorice root, cinnamon, fennel, and so on. They are not only hygienic, but also reliable with brands guaranteed. Our products, therefore, offer you both enjoyment while eating and satisfaction for your health.

Our company is a food products manufactory with ISO22000 and HACCP certificated, and has earned all kinds of awards of affirmation for over continuous 15 years. Thus, our products, loved by many celebrities and gluttons, are not only the best quality goods of dried meat, but also the best companions for you to enjoy at home or to share with friends, as well as the best gift for you in many occasions.